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Mental Strike.jpg
Mental Strike
Player: @Corlagon
Server: None
Origin: Originicon magic.png Science
Archetype: V archetypeicon dominator.png Dominator
Threat Level: Align Status Villain.png 30-40
Personal Data
Real Name: Bruno Richelieu
Known Aliases: None
Human (enhanced)
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Islands (naturalized)
France (legally declared dead)
Occupation: Professional villain
Place of Birth: Paris, Île-de-France, France
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Mind control, psychic attacks
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Mental Strike is a NPC resembling a Villainous Dominator. His Power Sets are Mind Control and Psionic Assault.

He was constantly taken advantage of during his early life, and ended up becoming a "supersoldier" during the Rikti War in an illegal experiment. Realizing he was now powerful enough to no longer have to obey anyone, he went rogue and became a rather carefree villain.

He is in love with his heroic adversary Ms. Ge, and has been unsuccessfully trying to get her to return his affection. Even so, he refuses to better himself, his attempts usually involving doing more evil instead.

Mission Architect stories

Character History

Early life

Bruno Richelieu was born in Paris, France. He was not a happy teenager, as he had no good friends and was constantly targeted by school bullies. This was supposed to change when he joined a group of young gangsters; alas, the gang merely saw him as a tool and quickly left him behind as a scapegoat when an attempted burglary went awry.

Bruno remained confident that his "friends" would save him from juvenile hall. A few weeks into his sentence, a fellow prisoner finally made it clear to him – in a rather impolite way – that his gang obviously did not care about him at all. Bruno snapped and attempted to beat his fellows to a pulp. Following this incident, he was considered dangerous and ended up as the guinea pig of a ruthless psychiatrist who proceeded to brainwash him into "a valuable member of society".

When Bruno was sent home at last, he was perfectly calm and obedient to the point that his parents found him outright disturbing and eventually married him off. Kelebek Ekmekçi, the daughter of one of his father's workmates, had found herself pregnant after several one-night stands and was to marry someone she could plausibly claim to be the father so as not to "soil the family honor".

Rikti War

Kelebek soon noticed that Bruno would follow all of her orders no matter what, and had him take care of everything while she resumed her devil-may-care lifestyle. But when she entered a serious relationship with a wealthy army officer several years later she began to consider him a hindrance and started looking for a way to get rid of him. When the Rikti invaded she ordered him to become a soldier and "defend Earth". But his total obedience made Bruno the perfect soldier. When he was still alive after several months, the officer pulled a few strings and had him sent to Paragon City, assuming it to be the place of the fiercest battles.

By October 2002, Bruno "volunteered" to once again become the guinea pig of a ruthless scientist. The experiment gave him psychic powers, intended to match those displayed by certain Rikti, but it also distorted his body to some extent and had never been sanctioned in the first place. The scientist was arrested, which left Bruno as a unique being rather than the first of a larger group of metahuman troopers. This finally brought his strange mind to attention, but it was falsely assumed to have resulted from this latest experiment.

After a few weeks of therapy, Bruno finally overcame his brainwashing, but turned out not to be somebody heroic. Realizing he was now powerful enough to no longer have to obey anyone, he went rogue and disappeared. Kelebek was soon informed of this, and her corrupt boyfriend finally managed to have him declared dead.


After the war, Bruno reappeared and became known as the villain Mental Strike. He adopted a rather carefree lifestyle, although he eventually had to make the Rogue Isles his home as Paragon City became a "city of heroes" again.

He clashed with the hero Ms. Ge on several occasions, and fell in love with the young and determined woman. He subsequently made repeated attempts to convince her to join him, refusing to accept that his chances were essentially zero. On at least one occasion – the battle against evil demigod Nuburea in early 2007 – he found himself actually assisting his beloved and other heroes after stalking her.

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Later that year, Mental Strike was briefly the boss of Fiend Girl, who had been mentored by Ms. Ge but become fascinated with the Villain's way of life and developed a crush on him. However, it soon became clear that Mental Strike was still only interested in having Ms. Ge at his side and Fiend Girl could not help him with this, so they went separate ways.

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Personality and Motivation

Mental Strike is a carefree villain who basically uses his powers to do what he feels like, and has no particular goal aside from winning Ms. Ge's heart. He is rather dull-witted and fails to realize that his attempts to impress her with his villainous acts disgust her instead.