Messenger of Death

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Badge ArchitectPlay.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
Messenger of Death Arc ID: 508933 Author: @Corlagon

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Ankomhoj abandoned warehouse.jpg
Messenger of Death
Author: @Corlagon
Arc ID: 508933
Arc Details
Arc Type: Solo friendly
Character story
Level Range(s): 5-54, 1-54
No. of Missions: 5
Mission Types: 1: Rescue ally, defeat boss and guards, find object

2: Defeat boss and guards

3: Defeat boss, reach exit

4: Defeat boss, find object

5: Rescue ally, defeat bosses (AV), find objects

Custom Enemies: Yes, on several missions
Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Arachnos
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Circle of Thorns
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Nuburea Cult
Difficulty: Standard
Archvillains: Nuburea
Elite Bosses: Patriarch Ounwadeo
Allies: Angel Man (B, optional)
Kristopher Ash (AV, optional)
Mental Strike (EB, optional)
The Messenger (L)
Ms. Ge (EB, optional)
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The Mission Architect story Messenger of Death.

Length: Long
Alignment: Hero
Level: 5-54

Time and Place: Early February 2007, Paragon City

A new vigilante has to be put in her place … and an evil cult, too.

There are optional allies for the final battle, in order to make it solo-friendly.


Prince Kiros Nandelu
Mutant Hero Liaison

An honest to goodness African prince, Kiros Nandelu was given an ambassadorship to America when his mutant powers were discovered. Now he is humbled and inspired by the chance to work as the GIFT liaison in Paragon City alongside such heroes as the Statesman.


Kiros Nandelu
Kiros Nandelu
Hello $name. Looking for work?

I just received a tip about a possible Arachnos base here in Galaxy City. I was just going to forward it, but if you could take a look at it …?

Mission 1: Small size map, level range 5-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Ally.

Mission 2: Small size map, level range 5-54. Contains Boss, Patrol.

Mission 3: Tiny size map, level range 1-54. Contains Ambush, Boss, Patrol.

Mission 4: Medium size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Patrol.

Mission 5: Large size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Patrol, Ally.


Notes by the Nuburea Cult

Findings by the followers of the evil demigod Nuburea. You seized them during an adventure with the sensational-sounding name:

Messenger of Death

It began with you preventing Arachnos from setting up a base in the heart of Paragon City. You met a seeming fellow hero calling herself just "the Messenger". Only when she had already left did you notice that she had killed the soldiers.

It turned out that the Messenger had selected more villainous factions as her victims, mostly sparing you being considered a suspect yourself. However, Freedom Corps feared that the villains could take revenge on innocents, and you did not even know anything about the vigilante's motives.

Members of the Circle of Thorns stated that "the Messenger" was an immortal demigoddess by the name of Ankomhoj, who had millennia ago terrorized northern Africa; back then it had taken divine intervention to stop her. Apparently, her followers had succeeded in resurrecting her, and reports from Africa seemed to confirm this. When you finally managed to arrest the determined but actually still heavily weakened Messenger however, she claimed to be a servant of god of death Osiris who had thwarted the resurrection and begun to use Ankomhoj's body against more enemies of her master.

Apparently, Ankomhoj's followers had collaborated with those of another evil demigod named Nuburea, who were going to perform their own ritual in Paragon City. This proved true when you searched their alleged and actual headquarters.

The Nuburea Cult had kept information back from Ankomhoj's followers, which allowed them to resurrect the demigod with full power. Along with other heroes, the Messenger and some volunteers you attacked the ceremonial place, and the epic battle against the cult and Nuburea ended with your victory.

The ritual was easy to reverse, so you were able to banish Nuburea to the Netherworld once again. The Messenger eventually accepted the local laws when she saw that her chances of success would be greater by far if she worked together with the Paragon Heroes.

Messenger of Death Story Arc
Mission 1Mission 2Mission 3Mission 4Mission 5
Enemy Groups Arachnos ArachnosCircle of Thorns Circle of ThornsNuburea Cult Nuburea Cult
Notable NPCs The MessengerNubureaPatriarch OunwadeoPrince Kiros Nandelu