Kiini (Triumph)

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Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Primary: Stone Melee
Secondary: Dark Armor
Other Powers: Leaping, Fitness, Speed, Soul Mastery
Global Handle: @k26dp
Supergroup: The ZEBRA Death Squad
Other Associations: Unknown


From the Freedom Corps file on the assassin known as Kinni:

Real Name: Unknown. Could actually possibly be "Kiini" which mean "sacred jewel" in Swahili, but is more likely to be an assumed identity.

Affiliation: Unknown. A person matching the description of suspect has been seen in the Rogue Islands in the company of elements of the Zebra Death Squad (ZDS).
Analysis: Either working solo, with the ZDS, or with other suspected groups, Kiini is believed to be responsible for the assassinations of at least 25 people. They include three local warlords in Afghanistan, a tribal leader in Angola, the British pop singer PorShay, and several Crey scientists working in Honolulu. There seems to be no connection between these deaths, so it is assumed that Kiini is a mercenary.
Methods: Kiini, despite her slight build and unimposing demenor, appears to be a virtual juggernaught of destruction, bulldozing her way through almost any defense until she reaches her target. She is not a surgical assassin; Kiini leaves an enormous amount of collateral damage. She seems to manifest enormous rock tools - fists and mallets mostly - that knock down walls and people. An analysis of genetic material taken from scenes of her assassinations indicate that she is not a "meta" in the classic since of the word; her genetic structure appears baseline human, with no mutation either scentificly induced or naturally occuring.

Conclusion: Kiini is extremely dangerous, and should not be approached by less than 20 trained agents. While she is operating in the Rogue Islands she is essentially out of our jurisdiction, but agents onsite should escellate any off-island movement to the FBI and Freedom Corps.

Current Status

Kiini was last seen leading a platoon of ZDS troopers in an attack on an Atlas Park legal office. The target of the attack was reportedly Amanda Vines.