Lockhide (Justice)

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Player: @Thirty-Seven






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

William Austin






165 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data
Place of Birth:

Imperial City, Praetoria


ex-Seer (Rejected)

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Electric Control
  • Psionic Assault
Known Abilities:


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Lockhide, as a trading card.


Will was identified as having psychic abilities early in his life. And he was taken from his family and escorted to one of Mother Mayhem's Seer Training Facilities to be used or discarded as she saw fit. However, not long after training had begun, something... odd was discovered locked beneath his pale hide. A secret of which Will, too, was unaware. But, Mother was not one to have secrets kept from her, and she sought to uncover what it was. Eventually, after many painful "sessions" it was discovered that Will had Mu blood in his veins.

This gave him some comonality with the Midnighters and other mystics who commonly had some vestiges of Mu ancestry as well. As such, Mother sent this expendable male on an assignment to gather information from The Carnival of Light and their Midnighter allies. This would prove to alter Will's life forever.


Will made it to the cemetary where many Midnighters and Carnival members were known to meet... but what he found was a trap set by the Resistance not a gathering of mystics he was to try to infiltrate. The bomb that had been placed there was meant for a large group of PPD and Seers who were supposedly sent there to clear out the very mystics Will had been sent to infiltrate.

Somehow, wires got crossed and information (both truth and fiction) got passed to the Carnival, the Midnighters and the Resistance. And the end result was no meeting, and a man caught in a trap meant for several other Praetorians. Will lost his sight that day, and swore vengeance upon the Resistance as well. From that day onward, he has (rather literally) blindly served what he feels is the will of Emperor Cole, regardless of the fact that it was likely Mother who set up the disaster in the first place.


Since the "accident," Will's powers have been greatly increased (perhaps exactly what Mother wanted to have happen in the first place). It turns out, that his psychic abilities weren't really true psionic talents at all, but instead were manifested through an ability to control and manipulate electricity (thanks to his Mu bloodline)... and since the brain runs on electrical impusles, he was able to manipulate thought and sense the firing of synapses in others. So fine of control did he have, that he could manipulate an individual synapse if he so wished, a talent Mother discovered in her probing no doubt.

Now, the full potential of his talents has been unlocked, and in a similar way as those who have lost control of their psychic gifts (i.e. The Awakened), electricity constantly flows around him and he can even use it to navigate by sensing the amount of resistance nearby objects give to his electrical output. Lockhide, as he now calls himself, has nearly shed all of the vestiges of humanity with which he began life: he does not eat, nor does he sleep... in fact, the only thing keeping him from becoming a being of pure electrically charged vengeance is the skin he wears: the hide that used to lock his powers within.


Lockhide, never satisfied with the amount of power at his disposal has begun to seek even greater abilities trapped within himself. His potential, though incredible, will take some time to truly unlock.

Powers Unlocked

  Active Crafted     Active Crafted
Alpha Power Missing.png     Hybrid Power Missing.png  
Type None     Type None  
Judgement Power Missing.png     Genesis  
Type None     Type  
Lore Power Missing.png     Mind  
Type None     Type  
Interface Power Missing.png     Vitae  
Type None     Type  
Destiny Power Missing.png     Omega  
Type None     Type  


Lockhide, having discovered his Mu ancestry and (almost) membership within the Seers of Praetoria has attempted to incorporate some of each's costumes into his own.

Metagame Information

Lockhide began life with the thought of his name and the introduction of Praetoria. I thought of the idea that the skin (hide) of a character is just a veneer that rests over a core of pure energy. As such, the hide locked the power within. And so Lockhide was born as an Elec/Psi Dominator. Lockhide was a through and through Loyalist all but blinded by the fact that he was caught in a Resistance attack when he was young.

Unrelatedly, I designed a costume for a character who was to be a cross between a Mu Mystic and a Praetorian Seer, and I so liked the costume and idea, that I wanted to use it for a character of mine, but didn't really want to make a new character. Later I logged into Lockhide to fix some menus or whatnot and realized that a Mu and a Seer could very well produce an Elec/Psi Dom... it was almost too perfect. And so, Lockhide became a flunked out Seer who had an ancient tie to the Mu Bloodline and was still (literally) blindly fanatical about Emperor Cole and the Empire itself.

Inspiration struck me suddenly while reading up on the Mu, and the above bio was born!


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