Lord Amun (Infinity)

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Lord Amun
Player: @Phoenix Cable






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:


Known Aliases:

Pharoah Amun


Resurrected Human




180 lbs.

Eye Color:

Glowing Blue

Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data


Place of Birth:

Cairo, Egypt


Pharoah, Dark Priest



Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Dark Control
  • Fire Blast
Known Abilities:
  • Flight
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Lord Amun was born in ancient Egypt to the powerful Pharaoh, Khafra, during the Fourth Dynasty. The youngest of Twelve children born by Khafra, Amun was teased by his brothers and sisters as being the runt of the Royal Family. Shortly after Khafra commissioned the construction of the Sphinx, he died during an outbreak of a mysterious plague. Though the position of Pharaoh was to go to the Eldest son, Menkaura, a Dark Priest by the name of Kawab had already set a plan into motion to ensure that Amun would take the throne.

Kawab sought to usurp power in Egypt by manipulating one of the princes into changing royal law; essentially, to allow a non-family member to the take the throne. Since Amun was seen so universally as the weakest link the in family, he was the obvious choice. Kawab had manipulated the ancient scrolls of Giza to imply that the youngest son was to inherit the throne. This was a more believable lie than "The Priest should inherit the throne" which the people would never have endorsed.

However, Amun proved to be far more cunning than Kawab gave him credit for. The night before he was to be ceremoniously inducted into Pharaoh-ship, Amun snuck into the Priest's meditation chamber to look for any clues as to why he was given the throne. He did find the forged documents presented as the scrolls, but he also found something else... The Book of the Dead - an ancient text containing a number of spells intended to help souls move through Duat, the Egyptian Underworld. Intending to sacrifice himself in order to foil Kawab's plan, Amun spoke aloud the words written in the book. Within minutes, he lay dead on the floor of Kawab's chamber.


The Birth of Shadow

Some years later, in an area of ancient Rome known as Cimerora, a disturbance of massive proportions caused the Well of Furies to do something very strange. The Dark God, Mot, had unleashed his terror on Dark Astoria and the Well responded by giving birth to a fifth Elemental: The Shadow Phantasm. Initially, this shadowy Elemental was intended to offset Mot's power by absorbing some of hisdarkness, weakening the dark god. Instead, the black energy corrupted the Shadow Phantasm, and a war was ignited between Mot and the Shadow Elemental.

Just as Mot had taken on a chief lieutenant, so did the Shadow Essence. It decided to resurrect the soul of Amun, seeing the potential for great power within him. Since Amun's soul was still wrapped in the power of the dark magic spell he'd cast on himself, the Shadow Essence was able to pull him out of the gloomish purgatory of the Egyptian Underworld.


A Gift from the Well

Upon bringing Amun back from the brink, the Shadow Essence bestowed upon him great power. Amun was given not only control over the powers of death and darkness, able to control shadow itself simply by act of sheer will, but he was also given lordship over the sacred flames of Atum. These flames were said to the tears of the Egyptian god, Atum; bluish fire that has the power to burn the soul, not just physical matter.

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Mot's War

Amun was forced to go to war against Mot, leading his private army of Shadow cultists into Dark Astoria as his personal Lieutenant.

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Restoration of his original body

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