Lt. Colonel Garrison (Infinity)

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Lt. Colonel Garrison
Player: @Thirty-Seven






Super Group:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Grant Garrison

Known Aliases:





6' 11"


510 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data
Base of Operations:

Nova Praetoria


IDF Soldier (Former)


Geocore (Self, Primal)

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Titan Weapons
  • Stone Armor
Known Abilities:


Known Equipment:

Concrete Rebar Mace

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Lt. Colonel Garrison, as a trading card.

Mountin' Up

"Man," Grant thought, "this buncha recruits sure is a bit rough around the edges. No matter, a little combat will get 'em ship-shape, or they'll die trying."

The battalion that Lt. Colonel Garrison was in charge of was assembled before him, and ready to cross from Praetoria into the battle zone at Primal Zone: Sierra 01, or as the Primals called it, Skyway City.

Of course, LTC Garrison's force was not the first to go through... Colonel Duray had already met the other Duray on Primal-side with his force, and stationed Jane Temblor and Fusion down below to cause some ruckus as the other forces came in.

Finally, his team was given the signal to move through the portal and into Primal Earth (which, as far as he saw, should be what this Earth is called), it had been resynchronized to take them to a slightly different location than the last batch of troops.

"Alright men! Mount up, and move it!" screamed Garrison to be heard over the noise of the other IDF soldiers and the drone of the teleportation portals.

Portin' In

Moments after Garrison stepped through the portal, he felt a sizzle run through his whole body, then... he felt... cold, and stiff, and the sensation of falling. Then, he heard the screams. Lots of screams.

Garrison tried to look around, but he was stuck in concrete. No, that's not exactly right. He was the concrete! His body had somehow merged with the highway his battalion was supposed to have ported in on. Some sort of technical foul up it would seem. Regardless of the cause, Garrison was stuck, but alive, and the slab of cement and rebar and I-beams he was now a part of was falling toward the street below!

The other men who had gone with him, well, they didn't fare much better. In fact, many had appeared in mid-air and were now falling to their deaths around him... others had had only parts of their bodies merged with the structure of the highway, and that seemed to end in a bloody mess of stone and flesh. Garrison passed out from the shock of it all.

He wasn't conscious when the roadway smashed into a building below and chunks of concrete fell away from a man-sized block. It was in exactly the shape of his body before the teleportation snafu. Somehow, his will, his consciousness had been incorporated entirely into the material around him, unlike many of his ex-compatriots, and now his body was the concrete.

Headin' Back

Garrison as he appeared on his way back to Praetoria.

After the actions of a team of several heroes defeated both Durays, and the "destruction duo" the remaining IDF gathered up the wounded and carted them home to Praetoria... this included the statue-like body of LTC Garrison. No one was sure if he was alive or not, but it was certain that proof would be needed so that the teleporter operators on Praetoria could have funds requisitioned to fix whatever had gone wrong.

It was more than a day later when, positioned against a wall in Neuron's lab, Garrison came to. He was more than a little confused, but was more than capable of moving, thinking, and reacting. In fact, he could actually rearrange the material that his new body was composed to form dense rocky shields. And his level of strength was absolutely incredible, he could heft the girder that had been brought along with him (since it had been connected to his back at the time) as if it were made of balsa wood!

When presented with the option to join Powers Division, Grant did not hesitate for a moment! He was still fiercely loyal to his emperor, and wanted the oportunity to continue to serve him.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

When Titan Weapons was announced, I thought it was the stupidest idea ever! A ton of lame anime knockoffs running around with their spikey hair and overcompensating swords. However, when I saw some of the other weapon models... the non-Japanime swords, I began to sing a slightly different tune.

I saw that one of the weapons was a giant hunk of concrete and repar connected to an I-beam. I saw in that the perfect excuse to finally make a Stone Armor character. But then the dilemma became: on what basis does this giant shambling stone monstrosity exist. Geocore, was my answer. I would make a Praetorian version of the (at that time) reluctant Grant Houser.

I searched Wikipedia valiantly to find out more about concrete and pavement, to spark an idea. Finally, I hit up the thesaurus. To no avail... until I put in the word that had been Geocore's original name: Palisade. I struck upon the word 'garrison' and knew that I had hit paydirt (no pun intended). Garrison could serve as his last name in both universes! In one, the secret identity, and in the other the second part of a military title. Which, that last thought led me inexorably to the IDF and from there, to the assault on Skyway that occurs during Admiral Sutter's Task Force (of course, how he will eventually qualify to do that TF is a seperate problem)!


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