Lycaen (Defiant)

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Player: @Honiahaka
Server: Defiant
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Lycaen Theodore Kastellanos
Known Aliases: None
Human (shapeshifter)
Age: 24
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Eye Color: varies
Hair Color: varies but tends towards Black / Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: US National
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Talos Island [1]
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Helen Kastellanos (sister), Alexander Kastellanos (father, deceased), Agatha Kastellanos (mother)
Known Powers
Super Strength, Willpower
Known Abilities
Shapeshifting, Berserker Rage
Mutagen Capsules, otherwise negligable.
No additional information available.

Lycaen, is a shapeshifter that had become stuck in his alternate form after losing control of his powers and had completely succumbed to its bestial rage. He was sent to the Ziggurat for his family's safety after he hospitalised his older sister and was awaiting medical examination to determine if there was any way to help him when Arachnos kidnapped him from his cell and released him into the Rogue Isles. After a few months out in the Isles, Lycaen has begun to regain control of his powers. Wracked with guilt after almost killing his sister he is unsure how to make it back to a City and Family which now considers him to be just one more psychotic villain.


As a result of the loss of control over his powers Lycaen can be a hard individual to predict; prone to violent mood swings and equal amounts of mercy and blood lust. A 'reluctant villain' Lycaen tends only to accept tasks that involve beating the snot out of other villains or those that bring him closer to reigning in his more base instincts such as raids on medical facilities or vaults containing magical artifacts.


Super Strength

It is currently unknown whether Lycaen's strength comes from his shapeshifting abilities or is inherent to him. What is known is that, when using his beserker-like rage, he is more than capable of launching even Devouring Earth Monsters into the air or tearing a full grown man in half. His strength also allows him to leap great distances in single bounds.


Again, whether Lycaen's willpower is inherent or shapeshift derived is unknown as the first time it manifested (or at least the first time his willpower was tested) was by a well meaning psychic trying to help him regain control of his powers during his brief incarceration in the Zig. Psychic Heroes and Villains alike have reported being utterly unable to penetrate or control his mind during a fight. His strong willpower also gives him the ability to heal faster than a normal human and a super-human stamina.


Lycaen is a capable shapeshifter able to flow between a few different forms, largely varying intemediaries between his fully human form and his fully wolven form. These forms give him varying degrees of agility, strength and vocal ability.


Tends to follow the same tactics used by most predators; take out the physically weakest individuals first before moving on to the 'big game' such as Arch-Villains, Bosses, Lieutenants etc.


Lycaen's powers lend themselves to all-out attack with little thought for personal safety. His berserker rage is often enough on it's own to rip, rend and smash his foes into submission as well as keeping them scared for their lives. His powerful willpower keeps him ignorant of his enemies blows and resistant to their attempts to subdue him.


Lycaen is vunerable to letting his bestial side getting the better of him and attacking or drawing the ire of too many foes at once and being overwhelmed. That being said, it can take a large number of foes before Lycaen hits the ground and he's sure to take a number of them with him.

Character History

Lycaen Theodore Kastellanos was born to Alexander and Agatha Kastellanos (property developers who moved from Greece 5 years prior) in the Talos Island Maternity Ward in 1986 and had a fairly uneventful (by Paragon standards) childhood. He discovered his abilities just short of his 22nd birthday and toyed briefly with the idea of becoming a costumed hero. This notion was crushed cruelly by his witnessing the brutal murder by the Freakshow of his 55 year old father who claimed they were freeing his employees from 'the hideous monotony of the Bourgeoisie'. Lycaen was sent spiralling down into a pit of alcoholism, substance abuse and depression.

Three years on and Lycaen was a wretched shadow of his former self; he experienced frequent bouts of involuntary and painful transformation as well as paranoia and the violent mood swings that were to categorise his future persona. Two weeks after his 23rd birthday celebration he had another violent transformation from which he did not, for many months, recover. Helen, his sister, burst into the study to help soothe what appeared to be another of her brother's seizures only to be faced with the snarling yellow eyed wolf-creature that had, not 2 minutes prior, been her sick sibling. She ran for the phone to call the police and barracaded the door behind her, she just managed to state her location before Lycaen broke through the door and leaped at her.

His sister survived but only due to the timely arrival of a S.W.A.T team supported by two Heroes, one of whom helped teleport her to the nearest hospital. Lycaen was sent to the Zigursky high security prison in Brickston for his and his family's safety where he awaited medical attention to see if anything could be done to return any modicum of control to Lycaen's powers. Unfortunately, this was when Arachnos made the decision to break him out of the Zig, thinking that in his feral state he could be a very controllable asset and indeed he was until the lack of alcohol, drugs and depression that came with being to all intents and purposes, an animal, began to allow Lycaen to re-emerge from his furious haze. He began to piece together the events that led to him coming to be in the Rogue Isles and was horrified to remember what atrocities he had committed both before and after his release from Zigursky Penitentiary. Wracked with guilt after almost killing his sister and no doubt actually killing countless others, he is unsure how to make it back to a City and Family which now considers him to be just one more psychotic villain.

Threat Identification Report

Lycaen Threat ID.jpg

Known Associates


Helen Kastellanos (sister) - Building up to his attack, Lycaen relied on Helen more and more as a friend and confidente. She would often help him reign in his powers during his 'seizures' and this created a huge amount of mutual trust and respect between the two.

Evelyn 'Evy' Medici aka Twilight-Storm (Childhood Friend) - A childhood friend who was kidnapped by the Council one year before the murder of Lycaen's father and merged with the nictus entity Obsidian Star to become the Warshade Twilight-Storm. She inspired him to become a costumed hero and has also taken a serious interest in finding Lycaen and in her own words 'redeeming, curing or if those both fail; at least putting him out of his misery'.


None Known - however, possible contact with the aforementioned E.Medici