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Real Name: Lukas Ritter
Occupation: Teacher's Assitant, Hero
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Legal Citizen of the United States with no known criminal record, officially recognized hero of Paragon City
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Pearl Ritter (mother, deceased), Frank Ritter (father, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Justice Avengers
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 28
Accolades: None
Primary: Martial Arts (Thunder kick, Storm kick, Cobra Strike, Crane Kick, Crippling Axe Kick, Focus Chi, Dragon's Tail)
Secondary: Super Reflexes (Focused Fighting, Focused Senses, Agile, Practiced Brawler, Dodge, Quickness, Lucky)
Other Powers: Fitness (Hurdle, Health, Stamina), Fighting (Boxing), Leaping (Jump Kick)
Incarnate Abilities: None


Lukas Ritter never had it easy, his father a superadine addict and an aggressive brute who shattered Lucas's mother not only in body but also in spirit. Ritter's father had been murdered in a drug deal by Ritter's 13th birthday and not long after, Ritter watched his mother fade away after crawling inside a bottle. At the age of 14, Ritter learned what it was like to grow up on the mean streets of Kings Row, destined to suffer the same fate of his father. Fortunatly Lucas Ritter found a savior in the hero known as Night Fox who took the boy in and mentored him, and gave the youth a sense of purpose and the will to fight back against the oppression that had swallowed his parents The oppression that had threated to swallow Lucas. Now a young man, Lucas Ritter, the NachtGiest, champions the cause of good in an effort to destroy the oppressive monster that claimed the life of his parents and nearly swallowed him as a child.


NachtGiest is an accomplished martial artist and is adept in a broad range of disciplines most notably from the Americas, Asia, and Europe which he blends into his own unique style. In order to maintain his excellent physical condition, Ritter engages in a daily regimen that includes aerobics, gymnastics, sparring, weightlifting, and yoga. This rigorous routine has afforded NachtGiest near peak human levels of strength, endurance, and reaction times and with specific training could easily compete at the Olympic level in whatever discipline he chose. In addition to his physical abilities, Ritter is accomplished in multiple fields of forensic science as well as being skilled at computer hacking and lock picking.


As NachtGiest, Lukas Ritter's chief piece of equipment is his costume. This garment is provided by ACADI through Ritter's association with the Justice Avengers . The NachtGiest costume consists of a multi-layered fabric composed of an outer layer of polyhydroquinone-diimidazopyridine fiber weaving bonded to an ultralight metallic microlattice secondary layer which is then bonded to a tertiary layer of dilatant elastomeric polymer and finally backed by a sweat wicking meta-aramid. Strategic areas of the garment have an additional external layer of para-aramid impregnated polyurethane for added abrasion and cut resistance. Embedded in the meta-aramid layer is a network of silicon tubing designed to regulate the internal temperature of the suit which draws the wearers perspiration into the tubing network and utilizes an array of resonant micro laser pumps and sub-doppler coolers to keep the wearer comfortable. Combat enhancements to the garment include reinforced areas in the gauntlets and boots which increase the effectiveness of NachtGiest's strikes, punches and kicks. In addition the suit employs dual computer microframes in each ear cup that allowing wireless communication with computers and phones as well as operating the suits retinal scan display and hyperspectral vision enhancement. These devices are powered by strategically located piezoelectric micro generators. NachtGiest also employs a utility belt mostly fitted with forensic and lock picking tools as a standard loadout.

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