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The PHASSAR or PHased State Storage And Retreival Device is a two part storage and retrieval apparatus based on a rikti hardware adaptation developed by ACADI and implemented in the WarMain exoskeleton as well as on loan to various heroes in the Justice Avengers super group. the PHASSAR device is roughly the size of a standard sized "mouse" pointing device. The PHASSAR contains a dimension aperture generator (the rikti hardware adaptation) repurposed as a phased state change array, control circuitry, a power supply and the quantum entanglement array in addition to a fractal element recieving antenna. The homing device needs only be about the size of a watch and is typically disguised as such (or as a cell phone or other common item) and contains a quantum entanglement array, power supply and fractal element transmitting antenna.


Operation of the device is simple (barring any security measures that are designed into the device). Upon activation of the homing device, a signal is sent to the PHASSAR apparatus which energizes and brings the object back into phase. Essentially the object that contains the PHASSAR and the object that contains the homing device are never truly separated, occupying their original positions despite the phased state.


The PHASSAR is a high energy device employing a high density ceramic power cell that needs to be periodically recharged. As a standalone unit , the PHASSAR needs to be recharged every other cycle. The homing device contains a replaceable power cell and is good for twenty cycles. Due to the use of quantum entanglement there is no danger of losing the phased state object and safety protocols prevent the PHASSAR from phasing the connected object if there isn't sufficient power to retrieve it. The PHASSAR device also suffers from the inability to phase more than 545 kilograms of mass or a volume that occupies more than 92 cubic meters. Exceeding these limits will cause the PHASSAR to burn out.

Side Effects

A side effect of PHASSAR operation is a strong static discharge akin to a lightning stoke. As the object is brought into phase and its harmonics are synced a considerable electrical charge is generated. While powerful the effect is generally harmless to both objects and bystanders as the PHASSAR device utilizes a regenerative wave guide array to help boost apparatus performance during the final stages of phasing. The process is also accompanied by a strong ozone odor.

Future Developments

ACADI-ACAR is continuing development of the PHASSAR Device, on the table are upgrades to the device's mass, volume and cyclic recharge constraints. In addition ACADI-ACAR is looking at further miniaturization and possibly embedding the homing device as a micro pellet under the users skin utilizing a chemical reaction with the user's body in order to maintain a power charge.