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Pungol is a level 31 Magic Defender on the Pinnacle server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Force Field and his secondary powerset is Psychic Blast. He has pool powers from the Flight set.

Pungol was created on April 3, 2005 on Infinity, but was later deleted. He was remade on April 9, 2006 on Pinnacle.

Pungol is a member of the Hammer of Not Bickering supergroup.


Pungol is from another planet, one where the sun burns much more dimly, the air is mostly carbon dioxide, and magic is an everyday thing. How he got here and why he chooses to stay is a mystery, but it seems clear that he wants to help people while he's on Earth.


Force Field: Deflection Shield (1), Personal Force Field (2), Insulation Shield (6), Dispersion Bubble (12), Force Bolt (14), Detention Field (24), Repulsion Bomb (26), Repulsion Field (30)

Psychic Blast: Mental Blast (1), Psionic Lance (4), Subdue (8), Telekinetic Blast (16), Psychic Scream (18), Will Domination (20), Psionic Tornado (28)

Flight: Fly (10), Hover (22)

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