Taxibot Belle (Infinity)

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Taxibot Belle


Taxibot Belle has been working in The Paragon Taxi Service since May 2005. She is robotic, but she was "imprinted" with behavioral and decision-making patterns from another hero of the city, Mirabelle Kowalski. Since her creation, though, she's developed a highly independent personality. In fact, she and Mira have since drifted apart, and most people don't even recognize the elements of Mira that make up Belle now. She is definitely her own person, albeit mostly mechanical and solid-state.

Belle has a chipper and upbeat personality. Even when things are at their worst, she still believes that better times just around the corner. She like to joke around, except when her services are needed, at which time she becomes very serious indeed. She leads the Infinity PTS by example, acting as a teacher of actions.

Those who know her well are also aware that her lightheartedness sometimes masks an extraordinary deeper intelligence and insight into the inner workings of Paragon City. After spending so much time in every nook and corner of the bright streets and dark alleys listening intently to every hero--and villain--she meets, she has become a virtual warehouse of practical and historical knowledge. Many are the times when heroes have come to her for help of a non-geographical nature, and each time has made her feel really special about the work she does.

Current Status

Taxibot Belle is a Dispatchers in The Paragon Taxi Service on Infinity and Exalted. This is the highest rank, and as such, her primary duties are running events, inducting new members, and serving as mentor to the other Taxis.

She is also a Reserve member of the Freedom Phalanx and acts as a logistical coordinator for emergency hero transportation services in the event of a city-wide emergency. Belle has been known to also aid other groups in the city, such as Vanguard, Paragon City Search and Rescue, and Bregan Daerthe, but her first loyalty is to the Infinity Taxis, whom she considers as her immediate family.

Contact Information

Taxibot Belle may be contacted on Infinity by e-mail using her name, Taxibot Belle. Her global channel that is valid across all servers is @Taxibot Belle. Her e-mail address is