The Paragon Taxi Service (Infinity Supergroup)

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The Infinity Taxibots are a service-oriented group in Paragon City. Although we are known for our transportation services, our goal is to help the heroes in many different ways to provide for an easier, more fun experience. Taxibots are much different from other heroes and most supergroups in that success is not measured by experience, prestige, or security level. Instead, our success is measured by our helpfulness and our reputation among the heroes in the city.

Requirements to Join

The following requirements must be met before a new member will be invited into the group:

  • All members must have the word Taxi prominently in their name. The standard convention is for members to be named Taxi (something) or Taxibot (something), but reasonable variations are allowed. It is not required for Taxi to be the first word in the name. Vulgar or offensive names are prohibited.
  • All members must have a uniform with checkers prominently displayed. If a member wishes, he or she may opt to hide the checkers when off-duty by making them the same color as the uniform.
  • All members must participate in an induction which lasts approximately 15 minutes. During the induction, these rules will be covered and new members will be introduced and welcomed to the group.

New members may join as early as security level 1 if the above requirements are met. When a new member is ready to join, he or she should contact one of the group's Dispatchers or Charters to be invited.

Ongoing Responsibilities

We try to be a group that will appeal to casual as well as avid Taxis. The following ongoing responsibilities will ensure that a member remains in good standing in the group:

  • All members should have the ability to Recall Friend or Shadow Recall others by level 10 at the latest. Most members take the ability at level 6, but this allows members to take a couple of other abilities first if wanted.
  • We do not have set shifts or timekeeping. All members are free to volunteer in whatever way they wish and for however long they want. It is assumed that all members are being helpful in some capacity.
  • In order to maintain an active roster, all members must appear at least once every 30 days. If a member goes longer than 30 days without appearing, he or she will be dropped from the roster. If a member is dropped from the roster due to inactivity, he or she is welcome to return at any time. If a member knows ahead of time that he or she will be gone for longer than 30 days but intends to return, contact a Charter or Dispatcher with the expected return date and he or she will not be dropped until after that time.
  • Griefing is strictly prohibited. These are activities such as teleporting people off of buildings or into high-level enemies to attempt to get them defeated, or otherwise deliberately harassing other people. "I know the person, they're my friend," "I was only kidding," and other such explanations are not acceptable.
  • Try not to spam the public channels, including local, global channels, and especially the broadcast and request channels. Public chatter is fine; if it livens up a zone broadcast, it is even encouraged. Advertising that a member is on shift is okay, but try to vary the message if possible, and only broadcast an advertisement once every three to five minutes at most.
  • All services are provided free. Members are not allowed to ask for or imply that any payment is expected. If a hero offers a tip, it may be accepted, but it must be completely unsolicited.
  • The Infinity Taxis have periodic events, such as adventure groups and badge tours. Attendance is optional, but members are highly encouraged to come. Events are usually a lot of fun to attend, it is great publicity for the group, and it is a great chance to associate with fellow Taxis.
  • All members are asked to stay in supergroup mode until at least level 25. Though this is not an absolute requirement, there is no penalty for doing so and the prestige earned will help build and maintain the base. Beginning at level 25, there is a progressive penalty to influence as heroes continue to gain security levels in supergroup mode, and members are welcome to change in and out of supergroup mode as needed.

Miscellaneous Notes

As a group, we do not offer power-leveling services. Although not prohibited, members are encouraged to politely decline requests of this nature. No member is obligated to perform any service he or she does not wish for any reason, but again, please keep declines for requests polite.

There is a global channel called Taxibots that members may use to communicate with the group while on other servers or as different characters. Please bear in mind that there are Taxis from other servers present on this channel as well.

Because the group has been large enough in the past to encompass multiple garages, coalition chat is used instead of supergroup chat.

Members might eventually gain access to extra outfits from Serge, Lauren, Carson, or Annah. We have no restrictions on these outfits, but all members must maintain at least one official uniform with the colors black and yellow prominently displayed, the official group logo, and the checkers design. This uniform must be worn during official group activities and while on-duty. Supergroup mode may be used to configure the official colors and logo.