The Paragon Taxi Service (Infinity Supergroup)/Roster

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The following is a roster for The Paragon Taxi Service on Infinity (the "Taxibots") as of July 24, 2009.

Rank Name Global Name Date Joined
Dispatcher Johnny Taxibot @Johnny Taxibot 2008-04-14
Dispatcher Taxibot Belle @Taxibot Belle 2005-05-05
Charter Taxibot Chelle @Maestra Gata 2008-05-24
Charter Taxibot SPC Francine @Arenaz 2006-10-24
Charter Taxibot SPC Polly @Arrowny 2008-07-11
Charter Taxikitten Midori @Hello Kitty 2008-07-30
Charter TaxiMorning Star @Eagle Star 2008-05-31
Cabbie DreamTaxi @Squallhair 2009-02-06
Cabbie Gizmonic Steamtaxi @Kiria 2008-09-20
Cabbie Icy Hot Taxibot @Violet Underground 2009-05-22
Cabbie Magic Taxi @Paramed 2009-02-12
Cabbie Minnie Taxi @Angelica Venger 2009-03-24
Cabbie Nether Taxi @Brother TShober 2009-02-22
Cabbie Nurse Tiara Taxibot @Arkas 2008-12-07
Cabbie t3h s00p4r Taxi @tssmith78 2009-01-21
Cabbie Tanks Mr Taxibot @Ectokin 2009-01-21
Cabbie Taxi Dermic @Fullburn 2009-04-27
Cabbie Taxi Dermy @Violet Underground 2009-04-25
Cabbie Taxi Fae @Koboshi-chan 2008-06-27
Cabbie Taxi Thermist @Wykit 2008-07-08
Cabbie Taxi V @TonyV 2008-05-30
Cabbie TaxiBorg @Sweetbow 2008-10-01
Cabbie Taxibot 1138 @PL.Avatar 2007-11-17
Cabbie Taxibot Alana @Eagle Star 2008-09-28
Cabbie Taxibot Alien @Sky and Sun 2008-08-26
Cabbie Taxibot Amanda @Angelic Julie 2008-07-26
Cabbie Taxibot APC @Wykit 2008-08-28
Cabbie Taxibot Bronco @Daydragon 2009-01-10
Cabbie Taxibot Ciar @Lady Thanatos 2006-01-13
Cabbie Taxibot Icy @MsCats 2008-12-02
Cabbie Taxibot Illusionist @Miss Krark 2008-11-28
Cabbie Taxibot Jackie @Kallie' 2007-10-21
Cabbie Taxibot Joe @Murtceps 2008-09-19
Cabbie Taxibot Josephine @Murtceps 2008-10-16
Cabbie Taxibot Macro @Macro 2007-06-16
Cabbie Taxibot Max @Deranged Ox 2008-11-08
Cabbie Taxibot Psych @Lucretia MacEvil 2009-03-06
Cabbie Taxibot SPC Speedy @Corrupted Series HX 2008-01-26
Cabbie Taxibot Turborocket @Habitual 2008-01-27
Cabbie Taxibot Vixen @Taxibot Vixen 2008-12-03
Cabbie TaxiCat Aris @Childe 2008-12-27
Cabbie Taxigirl Heather @Graviste 2008-07-07
Cabbie Taxislab Homer @Tshober 2008-09-24
Cabbie Untouchable Taxi @Raytard- Asylum Maztr 2008-05-03
Cabbie Taxibot REBIRTH @Xegreny 2009-07-21
Valet Celestial Taxi @Death by SnewSnew 2009-05-13
Valet Crazy Taxibot @Crazy Taxibot 2009-01-28
Valet Crystal Taxi Cana @Natures Core 2008-08-18
Valet Eco-Taxibot @Ehran Sangrail 2008-12-08
Valet Flash Taxi @Lord Sayden 2009-05-29
Valet New York Taxibot @DeHartShadow98 2008-09-19
Valet Officer Taxibot @Elindor 2009-05-29
Valet Petti TaxiDriver @Petti 2009-03-12
Valet Rogue Taxi Bot @Rogue Guardian 2009-05-31
Valet Taxi Dragon Paragon @Vespas Crabri 2008-12-27
Valet Taxi Girl @Teenage kid 2009-01-10
Valet Taxibot 729643 @Wykit 2009-01-16
Valet Taxibot Chainsaw @Taxibot Chainsaw 2009-04-08
Valet Taxibot Elaine @Insolence1 2008-11-21
Valet Taxibot Freezer Burn @Kelvarin 2009-02-17
Valet Taxibot Harken @CalebTheTimeTraveler 2009-05-20
Valet Taxibot Hellstorm @QueenOfDiamonds1 2008-07-14
Valet Taxibot Jim @Mystery Inc. 2008-11-15
Valet Taxibot Segma @taxibot 1320 2009-05-29
Valet Taxibot Slime @Contained Insanity 2008-02-09
Valet Taxibot Ultra DX-12 @Corrupted Series HX 2009-05-08
Valet Taxibot Wednesday @ladyhail 2009-05-29
Valet TaxiBot Xenoris @AliasReign 2008-12-03
Valet Taximage Nightfall @Sky And Sun 2009-06-04
Valet TaxiMechanic Phy @Phydeaux 2009-06-03