The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect Arc ID: 2965 Author: @GadgetDon

Mission 1Mission 2Mission 3

Dr. Aeon reveals the secret purpose behind the prove that the Butterfly Effect is false, that the present cannot be changed by changing the past.


The Lizardman Dr. Aeon's Hero ID

As you look at this picture of Dr. Aeon as a Lizardman, you think of your strange adventure, The Butterfly Effect. Dr. Aeon wanted to prove that history can't be changed, so he sent you to an alternate Earth's past to plant a recorder and a chemical bomb, to try and change it.

Going to that world's present day, things had been changed. No people, just civilized Lizardmen. And worse, the recorder had been taken.

Hunting for the recorder, you learned that it had been taken by the Lizardman Dr. Aeon, and had used the technology in it to start their own Portal program. So our heroes and theirs may run into each other in the future. Based on the fights you had, that may not be a good thing.

Author Notes

Includes one AV.


Return of the Lizard People
  • Arc ID: 2974

Mission 1

Try to change history

Unique map, level range 1-54. Contains Collection.

Primary Article: The Butterfly Effect/Mission 1
Dr. Aeon
Dr. Aeon
The Experiment
The Butterfly Effect, Part I

Yes, it is I, Doctor Aeon, the creator of the edifice you stand in now. Come close, and I will tell you a secret.

Why? Well, telling secrets is fun, and you look like a trustworthy sort of...all right. I need someone with your unique set of skills..

The secret? Oh, yes. The true purpose behind Architect Entertainment is for just one scientific experiment. Disprove the Butterfly Effect theory. "If you go back in time and do something small, it can make major changes to current time." My belief is that time cannot be changed, if a time traveller came from the future and made changes, it's because that time traveller always came from the future.

No, the Countess doesn't know. No one wants to fund pure science. It's all about "How will this destroy the bane of my existence" or "How will this give me ultimate power?" No interest in science for its own sake. Personally, I blame TV.

Anyway, are you interested in helping out?


Ancient Lizards Ancient Lizards

Mission 2

Find the recorder

Unique map, level range 1-54. Contains Collection, Patrol.

Primary Article: The Butterfly Effect/Mission 2
Dr. Aeon
Dr. Aeon
Collect the Results
The Butterfly Effect, Part II

I will now send you to the other world's present-time to recover the recorder. The location I chose is still forestland, so the recorder should have sat there for all these millenia, undisturbed. In our world, that forest is a popular gathering spot for supervillians. But in their world, no meta-humans means no supervillains which means no gathering. Q.E.D. At most, you should encounter a few hikers.

Keep a low profile. Your powers will seem frightening or magical, so avoid showing them off. If anyone comments on your costume, say you're with a circus. That always worked for me.


Lizardmen Lizardmen

Mission 3

Recover the recorder

Small size map, level range 1-54. Contains Ambush, Boss, Collection, Patrol.

Primary Article: The Butterfly Effect/Mission 3
Dr. Aeon
Dr. Aeon
Take back the recorder
The Butterfly Effect, Part III

The existence of these Lizardmen, as you call them, is a surprising and fascinating twist. This is the joy of research, you believe you are creating a minor deathray, and suddenly it mutates kittens into gigantic feline killers.

The most interesting part is that, of the thousand of alternate earths we have explored, NONE have reptiles as the dominant species. The common theory is that the inability to maintain body temperature is such an evolutionary disadvantage that they simply cannot compete. The answer of HOW these beings developed is stored in my recorder. We'll make scientific history!

But to do that, you must recover the device. They would have taken it to one of their scientists, who will be baffled by it--he would have to be a genius like myself to understand it. I have identified the recorder's energy signature. Go, retrieve the recorder, and deal with the scientist who collected it. Hurry, they might erase the data by accident. What a tragedy that would be!


Lizardmen Lizardmen

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