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This is about Patteroast. For other uses, see Patteroast.
Player Information
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Patteroast.
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Hi! I'm Patteroast! I have lots of characters on City of Heroes and City of Villains. Probably too many! Oh well!

Summary of characters

Infinity: 34 characters; 10 heroes, 3 vigilantes, 1 rogue, 12 villains, 4 loyalists, 4 resistance; 12 level 50s

Pinnacle: 23 characters; 7 heroes, 9 villains, 5 loyalists, 2 resistance

Freedom: 18 characters; 6 heroes, 8 villains, 1 loyalist, 3 resistance; 1 level 50

Virtue: 13 characters; 6 heroes, 4 villains, 2 loyalists, 1 resistance

Liberty: 11 characters; 6 heroes, 3 villains, 1 loyalist, 1 resistance

Guardian: 5 characters; 4 heroes, 1 villain

Champion: 3 characters; 2 heroes, 1 resistance

Victory: 3 characters; 2 heroes, 1 villain

Triumph: 1 character; 1 hero

Protector: 1 character; 1 hero

Justice: 1 character; 1 villain

Training Room: 1 character; 1 hero

TOTAL: 114 characters; 46 heroes, 3 vigilantes, 1 rogue, 39 villains, 13 loyalists, 12 resistance; 13 level 50s

Detailed character lists

Full, detailed character list

Archetype Origin Name Server
Defender Mutation 50 Explomadoza Infinity
Scrapper Mutation 50 Patteroast Infinity
Mastermind Science 50 Professor Orange Infinity
Tanker Technology 50 Dr. Fejwol Infinity
Controller Natural 50 Asoposl Infinity
Dominator Magic 50 Kiviuq Infinity
Stalker Technology 50 Particle Accelerator Infinity
Warshade Science 50 Captain Kalamari Infinity
Brute Natural 50 Crater Jr. Infinity
Controller Science 50 Lord Richter Freedom
Controller Natural 50 Patticus Infinity
Scrapper Science 50 Setebos Infinity
Arachnos Widow Natural 50 Operative Greyling Infinity
Corruptor Mutation 41 Yetniy Pinnacle
Controller Science 41 Cosmic Downpour Infinity
Tanker Magic 41 Verlustoff Infinity
Stalker Mutation 41 ElectroPunch Infinity
Blaster Science 35 Set To Eleven Virtue
Stalker Magic 34 Fryhtu Freedom
Arachnos Soldier Natural 33 Fratricidal Infinity
Scrapper Technology 32 Temporal Anomaly Freedom
Brute Science 31 Dr. Enthalpy Freedom
Defender Science 30 Rubber Chicken Man Freedom
Defender Magic 30 Pungol Pinnacle
Tanker Natural 29 Really Angry Man Freedom
Defender Natural 29 Bill Bowman Pinnacle
Dominator Mutation 28 Wundermind Pinnacle
Mastermind Natural 27 Pinkbeard the Pirate Infinity
Defender Science 26 Nectar of the Gods Freedom
Corruptor Mutation 25 Fire Banana Freedom
Stalker Mutation 25 Mr. Ninja Werewolf Liberty
Peacebringer Natural 24 SpaceBot 8300 Virtue
Blaster Magic 23 Llecarud Liberty
Dominator Mutation 22 Pyrrho Virtue
Corruptor Magic 22 Robert Frostbite Infinity
Defender Magic 22 Vermicula Pinnacle
Tanker Magic 21 Bose Condensation Pinnacle
Tanker Natural 21 Old Man Marley Virtue
Blaster Technology 21 Quaoar Pinnacle
Defender Magic 20 Minnesota Man Infinity
Controller Magic 20 Pantomimus Virtue
Scrapper Natural 20 Sergeant Parry Freedom
Brute Technology 20 Where There's Smoke Virtue
Scrapper Natural 19 Wojapi Liberty
Scrapper Magic 19 Modern Hephaestus Virtue
Corruptor Technology 18 A Blown Fuse Infinity
Arachnos Widow Natural 18 Undersecretary Liv Freedom
Corruptor Technology 18 Hot Justice Pinnacle
Corruptor Mutation 17 Implomadoza Freedom
Defender Natural 17 Captain Jamaica Champion
Brute Technology 17 Hyperion Elite Pinnacle
Scrapper Mutation 17 Annihili Liberty
Brute Magic 17 Juris Malus Freedom
Blaster Natural 16 Bullet Bill Pinnacle
Dominator Mutation 16 Veggie Burger Pinnacle
Dominator Magic 16 Geomancy Infinity
Scrapper Mutation 16 Through the Flames Pinnacle
Defender Science 16 Ms. Pelafina Freedom
Tanker Science 16 Dr. Asbestos Liberty
Peacebringer Natural 16 Ariolimax Guardian
Arachnos Soldier Natural 16 Xeryck Pinnacle
Blaster Technology 16 Ice Removal Services Infinity
Brute Mutation 16 Yintey Infinity
Dominator Technology 16 Accretion Burst Freedom
Mastermind Natural 15 Big Sally Virtue
Mastermind Science 15 Zombob Victory
Stalker Mutation 15 Bonsai Assassin Virtue
Brute Technology 15 Piezoelectric Pinnacle
Stalker Science 14 Electric Pufferfish Pinnacle
Corruptor Science 14 Chill of Darkness Liberty
Blaster Mutation 14 t3h Ub3rbl4st3r Victory
Blaster Mutation 13 Psychotic Steve Infinity
Tanker Technology 13 Project-83 Liberty
Dominator Science 13 Geokinesis Infinity
Scrapper Natural 12 Canadian.Shield Infinity
Brute Natural 12 Bible Boy Infinity
Blaster Technology 12 Cold Revenge Freedom
Tanker Science 12 Dr. Isotropy Freedom
Defender Magic 12 Elfis Lives Virtue
Tanker Technology 11 Sir Fisticuffs Infinity
Mastermind Magic 11 Meanie Genie Pinnacle
Controller Technology 11 Welding Man Pinnacle
Mastermind Magic 11 Ka Anor Infinity
Stalker Technology 11 Anne Inja Guardian
Corruptor Mutation 10 Rawr Pat Freedom
Mastermind Science 10 Ninja Jim Liberty
Controller Magic 9 Nerrivik Champion
Stalker Natural 9 Mad General Jack Infinity
Scrapper Science 9 Atomic Lizard-Donkey Pinnacle
Mastermind Science 9 Dr. Stein Freedom
Blaster Technology 9 Fire Robot 4999 Triumph
Peacebringer Natural 8 His Noodly Appendage Infinity
Dominator Technology 8 Professor Lowell Infinity
Blaster Mutation 8 Comrade Yetniy Pinnacle
Dominator Natural 8 Ol' Smokey Champion
Brute Mutation 8 Agent Greyling Infinity
Corruptor Magic 7 Howling of the Wind Virtue
Controller Technology 7 Motion Blur Liberty
Defender Science 7 Frank Benjamin Protector
Dominator Technology 7 A Crossed Circuit Virtue
Warshade Science 6 Banana Slug Woman Guardian
Defender Technology 6 Dr. Mal Practice Infinity
Stalker Magic 6 Kung Fu Freddy Pinnacle
Defender Natural 6 ARROW'D Victory
Controller Magic 5 Light of Progress Liberty
Corruptor Science 5 Weywot Pinnacle
Controller Technology 4 Dr. Birdseye Pinnacle
Brute Natural 3 Cleavage Man Justice
Scrapper Magic 3 Rezigrene Liberty
Tanker Magic 3 Intergalactic Potato Guardian
Controller Magic 2 Banana Slug Man Guardian
Mastermind Technology 2 Prometheus Elite Pinnacle
Brute Mutation 2 Ropeburn Virtue
Scrapper Natural 1 Original Name Training Room


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