Garglesmash (Zukunft)

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Garglesmash classic.jpg
Player: @Corlagon
Server: Zukunft
Origin: Originicon mutation.png Mutation
Archetype: V archetypeicon brute.png Brute
Security Level: Align Status Rogue.png 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Antony Neil Morse
Known Aliases: Byotusk (b'Jnarnagl name)
Age: 23
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Energy melee, near-invulnerability
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Garglesmash is a Rogue Brute on Zukunft. His Power Sets are Energy Melee and Invulnerability.

He has been remade on Reunion, where he is a Tanker with the same Power Sets, currently at level 28.

He has been living in the Rogue Isles since February 2007, working as a mercenary. Garglesmash is reputed to be an extraterrestrial alien, although he has also been said to boast about having single-handedly foiled an alien invasion and consider himself human. His motivation is ambigous as well, as he usually insists on being neutral rather than evil, but appears to bear hatred towards the Paragon Heroes and occasionally refers to himself as a "monster-for-hire".


Character History

In 1989, a group of b'Jnarnagl – an alien race – came to Earth in order to capture humans and perform experiments on them, including Nell Penny Morse, a young American woman. After successfully impregnating her with a hybrid child, they released her. Nell tried to block out the horrible experience and did not tell her husband what had happened.

Antony was born on December 19th, looking like a disfigured human. Other kids did not accept him, and his ugliness only increased with his age. When he was sixteen, his mother finally broke down and revealed what had happened. Her husband only took it as a welcome excuse to leave the family, which gave Nell even worse depressions, and she eventually commited suicide.

Antony was subsequently contacted by the b'Jnarnagl, who considered him a successful experiment and began to train him. Byotusk, as they named him, proved to be more powerful than humans, yet had not inherited any of the significant disadvantages the b'Jnarnagl suffered on Earth. By now they had engineered a plague that would kill or at least weaken any human; Byotusk was supposed to help them take care of anybody still standing, and they would have conquered the planet within a week or so. Antony agreed to join them as they appeared to accept them, unlike the humans. In mid-January 2007, his training was complete and the aliens were about to launch their invasion. However, the night before, he realized that the b'Jnarnagl were evil, while most grown-up humans were not. The small invasion force was unprepared for his betrayal, and he managed to kill most if not all of the aliens.

Now alone with his strength, Antony went to Paragon City in order to join the Heroes. Unfortunately, he still looked like a monster, and was again mistaken for one. An overzealous Hero who called himself Copping Xtreme knocked him out, and Antony found himself at the Zig. This convinced him that he was destined to be a monster, and while he was not comfortable with actively doing evil, he resolved to become a henchman for actual villains. The court would have acquitted him, of course, but he was too young and inexperienced to realize that. By the time they were going to hear him, the next Arachnos attack on the metahuman prison had already happened, and "Garglesmash" had escaped with them to the Rogue Isles, where the Heroes were the outcasts. He distanced himself from Arachnos, however, positioning himself as a neutral mercenary instead.


Antony was simply pushed into his role as a mercenary. Society apparently considered him a monster, so he came to the "City of Villains" and makes a living as a monster-for-hire.

Powers and Abilities

Garglesmash throws heavy punches charged with pure energy for extra power. He is also significantly less vulnerable than ordinary humans and, despite his apparent weight, relatively agile and capable of high leaps.