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Badge ArchitectPlay.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
Crusaders vs. Heroes Arc ID: 554285 Author: @Corlagon

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Shields of Fiminster Sayuri Dusk.jpeg
Crusaders vs. Heroes
Author: @Corlagon
Arc ID: 554285
Arc Details
Arc Type: Solo friendly
Level Range(s): 1-54
No. of Missions: 4
Mission Types: 1: Rescue ally, defeat boss and guards

2: Defeat boss and guards, rescue captive

3: Find objects, defeat boss (EB) and guards, rescue captive

4: Defeat boss (AV) and guards

Custom Enemies: Yes, exclusively
Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Shields of Fiminster
Difficulty: Standard
Heroes: Titus Fiminster
Elite Bosses: Lenard O'Heron
Allies: Azure Huntress (B, optional)
Claudia Hopeshot (B, optional)
Garglesmash (B, optional)
Lady Angel (B, optional)
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The Mission Architect story Crusaders vs. Heroes.

Length: Long
Alignment: Hero
Level: 1-54

Time and Place: Mid-2008; Paragon City, Nerva Archipelago

The Shields of Fiminster are on a crusade against evil. Unfortunately, this includes each and every vampire, including the Paragon Hero Sayuri Dusk.

There are optional allies against the major bosses to make it solo friendly.


Kristopher Ash

Kristopher Ash is a wandering occultist. His background (word has it that he is much over one hundred years old) and goals are unknown. It is said that he trained various heroes, yet many are distrustful of him.


Kristopher Ash
Kristopher Ash
Greetings, Hero. My name is Kristopher Ash, you may or may not have heard of me. I don't think we have time to discuss the various rumors circulating about me, so let me just state that I taught your colleague Sayuri Dusk how to deal with her vampirism and still be a Hero.

Unfortunately, Sayuri did not return from the mission she undertook last night. I have a feeling she is in grave danger. Are you willing to work with me and find her?

Mission 1: Small size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Patrol, Ally.

Mission 2: Medium size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Patrol, Release Captive.

Mission 3: Medium size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Patrol, Release Captive, Ally.

Mission 4: Large size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Patrol, Ally.


Ring of the Chameleons

An artifact that enhanced stealth spells, until it was captured by the Shields of Fiminster, deemed evil and rendered ineffective by one of their enchanters. He kept it as a piece of jewelry, and later gave it to you when he renounced the Shields following the events known as:

Crusaders vs. Heroes

It seemed to be a rather normal day in Paragon City, until you met Kristopher Ash, a mysterious occultist who had taught the young vampire Sayuri Dusk how to survive without doing evil. Sayuri had then become a Paragon Hero, but gone missing while she was pursuing a Villain the night before. You found that the Shields of Fiminster had joined the fight; they considered themselves heroic, but even so, they had targeted and captured Sayuri!

Kristopher Ash told you he had fought the Shields before, and did not dare going against them himself again because he feared they were prepared for a rematch. The Shields of Fiminster were on a crusade against evil, but they were fanatics who considered certain beings such as vampires inherently evil. That Sayuri Dusk was a Hero only made them suspicious of her comrades. Indeed, when you followed them to a minor base you found another Hero, Azure Huntress, apparently working with them. She was accusing Freedom Corps of corruption, but escaped when she noticed your presence. You also found that the Shields had brought in Sayuri/Deborah's human father, who had not met her since her transformation, and told him she had become a monster so he would support her "euthanasia"!

Sayuri was not a true vampire, however, as she had been transformed by a persistent spell, so the Shields had decided to study her a bit and transferred her to her main base in Paragon. They still intended to kill her soon, but you were at last able to catch up with them and free the poor girl in time. In the process, you also arrested a major leader of the Shields and confiscated artifacts you found at the scene.

Ash had learned that the Shields had secretly set up a major base in the Rogue Isles, intending to join forces with the Legacy Chain and liberate the place. However, their clash with the Paragon Heroes interfered with their plans, and Ash feared they might find it feasible to take over them first. As members of Freedom Corps were agreeing with him, you found yourself attacking the Shields alongside Azure Huntress, who claimed she had been framed earlier. You met Titus Fiminster, the founder of the organization, and as he refused to retract his black and white teachings, ended up arresting him. This loss and the controversy that had caused it made the remaining Shields fall into chaos and cease to be a threat.

It turned out that Deborah Day/Sayuri Dusk's horrible experience had come with something good, as a confiscated artifact enabled her to change form at will. Titus Fiminster accused Ash of having orchestrated his downfall, but Azure Huntress believed Evil Huntress had pitted you against each other.

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