The Azure Huntress Strikes Back

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Badge ArchitectPlay.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
The Azure Huntress Strikes Back Arc ID: 534528 Author: @Corlagon

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Azure Huntress classic.jpg
The Azure Huntress Strikes Back
Author: @Corlagon
Arc ID: 534528
Arc Details
Arc Type: Solo friendly
Character story
Canon related
Level Range(s): 5-14
No. of Missions: 3
Mission Types: 1: Find objects, defeat boss, defeat all enemies

2: Defeat boss

3: Defeat bosses

Custom Enemies: Bosses only
Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Arachnos
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Circle of Thorns
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Hellions
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Mooks
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Outcasts
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Skulls
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Warriors
Difficulty: Standard
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There is also a German version of this story, titled Die Azure Huntress schlägt zurück.

The Mission Architect story The Azure Huntress Strikes Back. There is also a German version, titled Die Azure Huntress schlägt zurück.

This is a loose follow-up story to Return of the Evil Huntress, which was from the villains' point of view.

Length: Medium
Alignment: Hero
Level: 5-14

Time and Place: Mid-October 2007, Paragon City

A returned heroine needs assistance against new and old villains. Some humor.


Azure Huntress
Paragon Hero

This mage supposedly did much good in the 90s, having led a small but respected supergroup. But she cannot even explain herself why she has risen from the dead.


Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Hello and thank you for taking the time. I am Azure Huntress, the former leader of the Section of Heroes. If you know me and wonder why I'm back among the living – well, I wonder about that myself. Just playing my harp and suddenly I get dizzy, then I awake in a hero tomb.

I now try to find my way into today's Paragon City and Freedom Corps and happened to learn that the so-called Crimson Pendant has appeared in the possession of the Outcasts. There is a police spy who informs us about such things. My archenemy used the Pendant shortly before our deaths. Could you retrieve it for me? I'm still highly weakened, unfortunately, and want to avoid attracting attention, too.

Mission 1: Small size map, level range 5-14. Contains Boss, Collection, Defeat All Enemies.

Mission 2: Unique map, level range 5-14. Contains Boss.

Mission 3: Medium size map, level range 5-14. Contains Boss, Collection, Patrol.


Brooch of Ghosts

The Brooch of Ghosts appears to be a magical artifact but is virtually useless. You seized it at an Outcasts auction, at the climax of an adventure that a chronicler gave the big name:

The Azure Huntress Strikes Back

Azure Huntress is said to have been a very active heroine in the 90s, in early fall 2007 she was suddenly back among the living and didn't know herself why. She learned from a police informer that the so-called Crimson Pendant had appeared in the possession of the Outcasts, a personalized artifact that her archenemy had been using shortly before their deaths. As she was highly weakened and wanted to remain in the background for tactical reasons she asked you to raid the building.

You seized several dubious goods, but the Crimson Pendant had already been sold to a member of the Skulls. Tomb Wrecker appeared to have unlocked its enchantment and improved his powers to the point that he was planning to found his own gang. But one of his subordinates blew the whistle on him, allowing you to arrest him and secure the pendant.

Azure Huntress had a risky plan: She returned the Crimson Pendant to the Outcasts agent who arranged for it to be part of a larger auction which would also be advertised on the Rogue Isles. Your task was to stop the auction and pay attention to the Pendant and the villains interested in it. This worked out surprisingly well, and the assigned policemen were able to search the building and seize a clutch of additional artifacts.

Surprisingly, one of the villains was Evil Huntress, obviously the previous owner of the Crimson Pendant. She had apparently managed to have herself revived, the resurrection of her good doppelgaenger being a side effect. Azure Huntress thanked you for your help, then continued to work by herself in order to protect you from a potential thirst for revenge.

The Azure Huntress Strikes Back Story Arc
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