Molm Reindar (Guardian)

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Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Primary: Claws
Secondary: Willpower
Other Powers: Leaping, Fitness
Global Handle: @k26dp
Supergroup: The Amaranthine
Other Associations: Midnight Squad, Ouroboros, 5th Column, The ZEBRA Death Squad


Molm Reinder was born somewhere in Eastern Europe in the late 1800's. His early life and training is shrouded in mystery, but it's believed that he committed his first murder in 1897 in Vienna, a minor Serbian dignatary whose death increased tensions between Serbia and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

He became a much sought-after assassin-for-hire in Europe, working for anyone who would pay his price. Shortly before the outbreak of World War I, he seemingly disappeared, and counter-intelligence officials on both sides of the conflict assumed that he had been killed.

Molm Reinder resurfaced in the 1920s, primarily operating in Italy and Spain. Again, he became a highly sought-after killer-for-hire, and gained steady work acting as an agent for proto-fascist European parties. It is not known what political view Molm Reindar holds, if any, and in fact can be bought to work against a former client. However, Molm Reindar gained a reputation as someone who always finished the job he was contracted for.

In the 1930's, Molm Reinder was put on a long-term retainer by the 5th Column, and worked with the fascist group in the United Kingdom, Spain, and eventually the United States. He assisted in infiltrating key 5th Columnists into the United States, and his assassination and espionage work helped set the stage for the large-scale 5th Column attack on the Atlantic Fleet in Independence Port on December 6, 1941.

After the attack, and with his contract with the 5th Column fulfilled, Molm Reinder escaped to the Rogue Islands, and found a new client: Arachnos. With the 5th Column visably gaining strength in the Islands as American heroes pushed the Columnists out of their American safehouses and secret bases, Arachnos became concerned that the niche that they'd carved for themselves in the tapestry of Rogue Island corruption was in jeopardy. Molm Reindar was hired to "persuade" President Marchand to publically rebuke the 5th Column, while simultaneously giving Arachnos increased freedom to operate.

By 1943, the American government had learned of Molm Reindar's involvent in the Independence Port attack of 12/6/41, and initiated a trap to capture or kill the illusive assassin. On the island of Warburg, Molm Reinder and a few of his associates were attacked by the First Hero Brigade (metahumans enlisted with and trained by the US Army). Molm Reindar escaped, but it is believed that he was badly injured. One of the US servicemen became the Paragon City hero Grampa Jones, who continues to hound the assassin to this day, even though he has never gotten Molm Reindar's name quite right, instead referring to him as "Mold Rinder".

After the Warburg ambush, Molm Reindar disappeared again, and once again many assumed that he had died. He did not resurface until 2007, again in the Rogue Islands. While aged, he does not look his purported 110+ years old, and is still quite physically able to fight and kill as he did in the 20th Century.


Molm Reindar has infiltrated even the most secure facilities. His preferred weapons are the two-bladed wrist-mounted surrated blades that pop from beneath his sleaves, and can retract leaving no bloody weapons behind. He is also trained in several martial arts and ballistic weapondry, both archaic and modern.

It is unknown what methods or powers Molm Reindar uses to prolong his lifespan, but Midnight Squad records show him as a magic user, though he does not seem to use magic in his work.

Current Status

Molm Reindar is one of several assassins employed by the The Amaranthine, although the Squad allows him to take other jobs on occassion, and has been known to accept contracts from Arachnos, Crey Industries, Johnny Sonata, and the Midnight Squad.