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Badge ArchitectPlay.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
Paragon Heroes Arc ID: 554155 Author: @Corlagon

Mission 1Mission 2Mission 3Mission 4Mission 5

Sayuri Dusk katana.jpeg
Paragon Heroes
Author: @Corlagon
Arc ID: 554155
Arc Details
Arc Type: Solo friendly
Character story
Level Range(s): 46-54, 40-54
No. of Missions: 5
Mission Types: 1: Defeat boss and guards, find object

2: Defeat boss and guards

3: Defeat boss and guards

4: Rescue captive, defeat boss and guards, defeat all enemies

5: Rescue captive, reach exit

Custom Enemies: Allies only
Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Arachnos
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Council
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Longbow
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Paragon Police Department
Difficulty: Standard
Archvillains: Ghost Widow
Major Norton
Allies: Lady Angel (EB)
Top Guardian (B)
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The Mission Architect story Paragon Heroes.

Length: Very Long
Alignment: Hero
Level: 46-54

Time and Place: January 2012, Paragon City and Rogue Isles

A Hero by the name of Top Guardian seeks your help investigating the disappearance of Sayuri Dusk. You discover that not all forces of good are what they pretend to be …

There are optional allies against one of the AVs, while the other is not required to be defeated.


Top Guardian
Disputed Hero

Henrietta Zoer originally gained prominence as a top model. Wealthy but unpopular for being arrogant, she underwent combat training and paid rogue Crey scientists for controversial body enhancements in order to begin a new career as a "guardian angel" to all those lesser people.


Top Guardian
Top Guardian
Hello $name. I'm glad you're willing to work with me, and you appear trustworthy. A comrade of ours has disappeared, Sayuri Dusk. I don't know if you heard of her, she's not as famous as I am, but I think she's a good girl.

Her last mission was in the Rogue Isles, and I'm afraid I'm not ready to go into enemy territory, so I need someone like you to assist me. Freedom Corps is unwilling to help me for some reason, it's one lame excuse after another.

Mission 1: Small size map, level range 46-54. Contains Ambush, Boss, Collection, Patrol.

Mission 2: Medium size map, level range 46-54. Contains Boss, Patrol.

Mission 3: Small size map, level range 46-54. Contains Boss, Patrol, Ally.

Mission 4: Medium size map, level range 40-54. Contains Boss, Patrol, Release Captive, Ally, Defeat All Enemies.

Mission 5: Tiny size map, level range 40-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Release Captive.

Paragon Heroes Story Arc
Mission 1Mission 2Mission 3Mission 4Mission 5
Enemy Groups Arachnos ArachnosCouncil CouncilLongbow LongbowParagon Police Paragon Police
Notable NPCs Ghost WidowLady AngelSayuri DuskTop Guardian