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About Me

I've only recently joined the CoX game, but have fallen instantly in love with it. I've long been tempted by MMORPGs, but the whole "sword and sorcery" thing just never appealed to me. And while I've been aware of CoX for quite some time, I was always hesitant to join.

Why you might ask?

Simply put, I knew that I would become utterly engrossed and infatuated with the game. Like many comic book geeks, I've dabbled in creating my own heroes, villains and universe. Knowing that CoX had the ability to not only allow me to create such characters but actually play them...well that's something that just might ruin me.

However, I finally succumbed to temptation. And here I am.

A good friend of mine introduced me to the Virtue server and after several shared missions and a wonderful experience with members of one of his super-groups, I've become hopelessly addicted. And yet, it gets worse.

Now, with the VirtueVerse, I have the ability to share the continuity I've created for my first set of characters in CoX. If you're interested in them, my first page is for the Zodiac Guardsmen. They are Chinese-based simply because I am also similarly based. I'll be adding pages for each my characters soon, though the process of writing takes a long time. At this rate, I might spend more time here than I do with the game itself.

My Creations

The League of Everyday Heroes (Triumph Supergroup)

These are characters based on contemporary corporate entities. All of the corporate-sponsored characters are heroes, the villains represent the obstacles that these corporations face.

Axis and Allies (Liberty Supergroup)

These characters are based in a WWII setting. Everyone does it at least once, here's my attempt.

The Menagerie of the Lost Lands (Guardian Supergroup)

These characters are based on the animal races of magical lands. I like these guys simply because they really demonstrate the beauty of the character creation system.

Battle of the Sexes (Infinity Supergroup)

Quite simply, boys against girls. Nature versus technology.

Stratos Argonautes (Justice Supergroup)

These are characters inspired by a couple of factors, (1) a hardcore SG I read about in the forums, (2) the Greek letters veteran reward and (3) the awesome Valkyrie and Cyborg costume pieces. Oh and I think blue and white work great together.

Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @wei yau.