Nightingale Parfait (Triumph)

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Nightingale Parfait 1.jpg
Nightingale Parfait
Player: @BittPlayer
Server: Triumph
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Undisclosed
Known Aliases: None
Age: Early 20s
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 125lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Freelance villain, purported Praetorian government agent
Place of Birth: Praetoria
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Inborn magical talent
Known Abilities
Skilled in dark magic, trained in shield use
Impervium kite shield
Yes, her name's stupid. Yes, she knows.


How she got to Primal Earth is unclear, but whatever the details are, the ridiculously-named Nightingale Parfait is in fact Lorelei Nachtigall's Praetorian counterpart. This means that she knows Lorelei's real name, as the both of them share it, but Parfait doesn't seem willing to reveal Lorelei's name, either out of a sense of honor or because it might be good blackmail material.

In any case, Parfait claims to be an agent of Emperor Cole, sent to Primal Earth to retrieve the errant Theo Alteridem, who the Tyrant has taken an interest in due to his Force of Will abilities. Given that Parfait is airheaded, easily distracted, and entirely too chipper for real villainy, it's likely that Emperor Cole doesn't expect Parfait to succeed, or survive, this assignment.

Current Status

Joyously evil and generally troublesome, Nightingale Parfait currently considers herself Lorelei Nachtigall's personal antagonist. Lorelei considers Parfait an amoral idiot with troublesome magical powers and a tenacity almost unmatched by anyone else Lorelei knows. Parfait is alive today primarily because she always seems to know when, and how, to run from a fight, and she can use her magic to hide from Beckett Alteridem's soul-sense.

Parfait knows, or at least knows of, Rosa Kreuz, and this has raised some concerns within the Alteridem Foundation, given their long and ugly history with Kreuz, and her immense magical power.


Despite their being counterparts, Nightingale Parfait and Lorelei Nachtigall are almost entirely unlike in terms of personality. While Lorelei is reserved, withdrawn, and intellectual, Parfait is loud, extroverted, and probably a bit stupid. She knows that "Nightingale Parfait" is a thoroughly ridiculous thing to call herself, and she also thinks it's very funny. She loudly demands respect and fear from her enemies, and enters combat with a mad grin on her face, cracking jokes and laughing like a fool. Parfait's antics are so over the top, it's very easy to forget that she's successfully defeated almost every enemy who has stood against her, usually with little apparent effort.

Parfait is very enthusiastic about combat. She strikes fast and hard using her dark magic, deflecting attacks with her massive shield. While she originally came to Primal Earth to defeat Theo Alteridem, Parfait has expanded that goal to bringing down the entire Alteridem Foundation. For better or worse, however, Parfait is very easily distracted, so she only pursues that mission on the semi-rare occasion that she remembers it. Parfait will fight for anyone who pays her well, but prefers to work for distinctly bad people, making Arachnos a frequent customer. When not carrying out for-hire thuggery, Parfait often raids Legacy Chain hideouts and Circle of Thorns caves, looking for any useful magical information or objects.

Lorelei Nachtigall suspects that, underneath her scatterbrained, idiotic exterior, Nightingale Parfait is a hyper-competent evil genius with deep and far-reaching plans extending well beyond her apparent activities.

Powers and Abilities

As with Lorelei Nachtigall, Parfait has an inborn connection to the Netherworld, which she typically uses to summon dark energies for melee combat. Parfait has some other magical capabilities, including meta-magical effects which amplify her spells. As with Lorelei Nachtigall, Nightingale Parfait does have the potential to become a Force of Will user, but she has not actually unlocked that power yet, and indeed is not aware of her potential. However, Parfait does use magic to partially simulate Force of Will's effects, primarily reflex amplification, to better use her shields.

Theo Alteridem is deeply concerned by the possibility that, if desperate, Parfait will suddenly unlock her Force of Will potential, as severe stress is the only known means of causing such a breakthrough. The current plan by the Foundation is to generate a situation where Parfait can still be subdued even with the increased power of a sudden Force of Will breakthrough. The difficulty there, and the reason Parfait hasn't already unlocked her power in fights with Lorelei and the Alteridem family, is that Parfait always seems to have at least one infallible escape plan.

Parfait's use of shields contributes heavily to her continued survival. Using her magically-increased reflexes, Parfait is able to sense and deflect most attacks with little effort, and can even, or so she claims, use her shield to block psionic attacks. If this is true, it indicates that Parfait's shields are also enchanted -at least the physical ones. While Parfait prefers an Impervium kite-style shield, she has been known to employ shields in other forms and made of different materials, most notably a round shield formed of arcane energy, which she has taken a liking to because it has no physical weight, and is thus much easier to handle.

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