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The Great Heronapping Arc ID: 554056 Author: @Corlagon

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Part One: The Skulls

Medium size map, level range 5-14. Contains Ambush, Boss, Patrol, Ally.

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Good day, I'll get straight to the point. A team of junior heroes has been captured by the Skulls. Freedom Corps has asked me to assist them, but I'd prefer someone else to do it. I know this sounds odd, but I have personal reasons. So, can you save the heroes from the Skulls?

Save the heroes

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Thank you.

What's juicy about this is that the heroes were following a lead about some other heroes who disappeared a while ago. Apparently, the Skulls lured them into a trap, and somehow knew how to quickly damage their Medicom units. Only one of them managed to teleport to safety, his three comrades are still in there. Here are some new Medicoms you can take with you.

Save the heroes

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
The heroes may not be able to escape on their own.

Remember to look for clues about the other disappearances if you can.

Skulls and signs of a struggle. This must be the place.

  • 3 heroes to save
  • Defeat enemy leaders


Skulls Skulls
Trolls Trolls

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Claudia Hopeshot's information
"I think these Skulls sell captured heroes to those Trolls! They were prepared for us and managed to damage our teleporters. But I think they want a higher payment this time, and they still seem to be negotiating!"
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! A Trolls ambush will appear shortly after rescuing each captive.

Heroes escape!

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Everybody made it to the hospital, thank you very much. And yes, that girl is my daughter. Freedom Corps has pushed her hard to follow in my footsteps, and now she's devastated that her powers failed at such a critical moment. Getting rescued by me would have made her feel embarrassed even more.

Hm, so those Skulls captured heroes to sell them to the Trolls. That's not good … except that it might in fact lead us to the other heroes who disappeared. The Trolls are said to hold slaves in the Hollows, perhaps they think metahumans would work better for them.

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