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This information is considered non-canonical.
The Wedding Dominator Arc ID: 554041 Author: @Corlagon

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Part One: Mental Mission

Medium size map, level range 5-20. Contains Ambush, Boss, Collection, Ally, Battle.

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Hello $name! Did you know that Ms. Ge is going to marry today? There is a problem, however: Her relatives haven't seen her since yesterday. Neither did we here at MAGI, but we checked and found that she embarked on a personal mission. Minutes ago we received word that Ge has been spotted in Skyway City, but she acted rather rude, supposedly. As you happen to be in the area, could you go and check on her?

Look for Ms. Ge

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Thank you. I hope this is just a misunderstanding. Not that she went mental under the pressure.

Assist Ms. Ge

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Please try to bring her back. Her family is waiting.

While looking for Ms. Ge, you discover a secret Arachnos hideout.

  • Find Ms. Ge
    • Find the Neural Amplifier


Arachnos Arachnos
Lost Lost

Notable NPCs

  • Ms. Ge (Paragon Heroes Elite Boss) (Ally)
  • Operative Barrow (Random Arachnos Boss)

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! During the fight with Operative Barrow, there will be an ambush at 75% health remaining by the Lost.

Secure the Amplifier!

Ms. Ge disappears with the Neural Amplifier, intending to take care of it herself.

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
The Neural Amplifier? I'll take a quick look into the database … Hm, some kind of secret project. It appears to do just what the name says – it increases a psychic's power.

We don't want something like that to end up with a Fortunata or an Anathema, that much is true. But why did Ms. Ge insist on taking care of it alone, without even telling Freedom Corps? It doesn't look like she'll be able to use it herself.

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