The Wedding Dominator/Mission 2

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The Wedding Dominator Arc ID: 554041 Author: @Corlagon

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Part Two: Mental Hideout

Medium size map, level range 1-20. Contains Boss, Collection.

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Ms. Ge has returned to her family, and everything seems fine. Nevertheless, I think we should investigate her strange behaviour … now.

The place she apparently went yesterday is an abandoned building in Baumton. I've asked around and learned that it is a suspected base of Mental Strike, a villain from the Rogue Isles who's been seen more often in Paragon since he became Ge's archenemy. Let's not lose ourselves in speculations. Please go there and look for clues.

Check the building

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
On second thought, you better be careful. We can't tell whether Mental Strike may be present, or what else might await you there.

Investigate Mental Strike's hideout

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Please hurry if you can. Be careful, but remember that Ms. Ge's wedding may begin anytime soon.

This building looks really abandoned, because it is infested with Clockwork.

  • Find information


Lost Clockwork

Notable NPCs

  • Whammer (Random Clockwork Boss)

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Mental Strike's diary
This diary confirms that Mental Strike is in love with Ms. Ge, and that he already obtained a Neural Amplifier several days ago. While testing his improved Mind Control on Arachnos soldiers, he had learned that a second one had been discovered in Paragon City, and set out to secure it as well.

After leaving the building, you realize that the Clockwork did not seem to salvage the place like they usually do … they apparently tried to protect it!

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
There are several Neural Amplifiers? Good grief, I thought that thing was unique!

So Mental Strike has already increased his mind-controlling powers. Let's try to stay calm. At best, Ms. Ge has destroyed the second Amplifier. Maybe she even managed to defeat the villain. But at worst … he could have taken over her mind and ordered her to retrieve it for him, thereby covering his own tracks. And if the rumors of him being in love with her are true … good heavens!

And what about those Clockwork? Could it be … No, that makes no sense. They're simple robots serving their creator, as far as I know. Could Mental Strike have been able to use his power on the Clockwork King? Robots can't be mind-controlled at all … can they?

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