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The Wedding Dominator Arc ID: 554041 Author: @Corlagon

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Finale: Mental Strike

Unique map, level range 1-20. Contains Boss, Release Captive, Ally.

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
We're too late! Ms. Ge's wedding is under attack by the Clockwork! We have to save the families before anything happens!

Save the wedding

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
An attack by Mental Strike was to be expected, of course, but Ms. Ge thought she could deal with him alone. After all, how were we to know he'd bring an army with him?

Protect the wedding guests

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
I'm trying to call as many heroes as possible at such a short notice. Try and protect the people, I'll meet you there!

They call this "the happiest day in your life", but heroes don't seem to be able to afford something like that.

  • 7 people to save
  • 2 heroes to find (optional)
  • Find Ms. Ge
    • Find the last hero (optional)
    • Defeat Mental Strike


Clockwork Clockwork

Notable NPCs

Suddenly, Mental Strike gives Ms. Ge another order. Before you are able to react, both of them commit suicide.

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
I'm at least as horrified as you are. I still find it hard to believe that somebody could go so far …

One might say I did the same, back in the Rikti War, when I killed both myself and my archenemy. But I did it to prevent her from doing harm, and Mental Strike was the opposite – he was just selfish.

Anyway, we must try not to blame ourselves for failing to act. Nobody saw it coming, and then it just happened too fast. Some of the people do blame us. They say heroism was partly responsible for what happened, but they're wrong. If Ms. Ge hadn't been a heroine, Mental Strike may have done even worse things to her. Without people like us, people like him would be able to do even more harm.

And she's already got a successor. The heir to her relics is going to honor her by following in her footsteps. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say … But it's somewhat soothing to see that good doesn't die.

Now what could happen at Manti and Sis' Psyche's wedding later today?


  • The line "There is no peace, there is chaos!" is a reference to the Jedi Code.

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