Rosa Kreuz (Triumph)

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Rosa Kreuz 1.jpg
Rosa Kreuz
Player: @BittPlayer
Server: Triumph
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Unknown
Age: 50s
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Freelance villain, Arachnos contractor
Place of Birth: Praetoria
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Very high magical capability
Known Abilities
Baseline Force of Will abilities
Her name means "pink crucifix", but reminding her of that is a bad idea.


Very little in known about Rosa Kreuz. Years ago, she knew Theo Alteridem, and the two of them were good friends with the woman now known as Keiko Alteridem. The three of them were the core of a small, rapidly-fading resistance to Emperor Cole's regime in Praetoria, when a rift formed between them. Rosa believed that she and Theo, being able to use Force of Will, were "superior humans", who deserved by the nature of their powers to replace Cole as Tyrant of Praetoria. Theo and Keiko opposed this view, and this clash quickly became violent. It was during this early period that Rosa lost her right eye to one of Keiko's blades. Shortly after that, the resistance collapsed entirely, and Theo and Keiko fled to Primal Earth using powerful magic.

Rosa Kreuz followed them, believing that Theo was unable to accept his superiority, and therefore had to die. Rosa clashed with the Alteridems many times before being killed in 1986. Theo and Keiko got on with their lives with a great sense of relief until 1987, when Rosa turned out to be alive after all, and out for revenge. This cycle continued until 1994, when Theo and Keiko, having once again killed Rosa and desperate to make her stay dead, stuffed her corpse in a freezer, filled it with cement, wrapped it in chains that were then welded into place, and dropped the whole thing off a ferry half-way between Paragon City and Striga Isle.

This is where things get really muddled. At some point, Rosa found her way to Mercy Isle, and began to rise above the rank and file of villainy. She kept herself away from the Alteridems' attention until 2008, when Beckett, Megan, and Cyril Alteridem, along with Lorelei Nachtigall, met her for the first time as she raided a bank in Steel Canyon. Rosa overpowered them and escaped. Shortly after that, she caught the attention of Ghost Widow, and, inexplicably, began to deeply admire her.

Current Status

Rosa Kreuz is a loyal follower of Ghost Widow, mixing her work for Arachnos with freelance mercenary work and general villainy, typically bank robberies. She clashes frequently with the Alteridem family, and has yet to be killed again. Rosa has managed to keep the secret of her apparent resurrections from being found out, so no one is sure how to stop her from doing so.


Cruelty personified and hate incarnate, Rosa Kreuz is driven by her passionate desire to subjugate "lesser" humans under the iron fists of "superior" beings, such as herself. She regards metahuman heroes in general, and Theo Alteridem paticularly, as traitors to their superiority, even though that doesn't exactly make sense. Rosa finds joy in oppressing the weak and crushing the helpless, so she tends to get along very well with Arachnos. In paticular, Rosa seems fascinated, and some would suggest infatuated, with Ghost Widow, and has actively sought her out for advice and guidance. Ghost Widow, naturally, takes full advantage of the opportunity to send a reliable, yet ultimately disposable brawler on operations that would normally require the Wretch's level of brute force.

Powers and Abilities

Rosa Kreuz is one of only two known people who can use both Force of Will and magic. Her Force of Will capabilities seem to be limited to the absolute baseline, but that does mean that her strength, reflexes, resistance to injury, and regeneration are all well above human norms. Rosa Kreuz also uses her Force of Will to amplify her arcane power, which is what truly makes her dangerous.

Powerful protective and healing magics back up Rosa's Force of Will capabilities, and she attacks enemies by surrounding her fists in brightly-glowing arcane power and hammering away at her victim. Rosa's style of combat is direct, brutal, and effective, as her defense magic and Force of Will let her shrug off nearly any attack as she charges her enemies, and her powerful melee attacks can batter through even the best defenses. Since she can use magic to fly, escaping Rosa Kreuz is next to impossible. In addition, she has received some benefits from being Ghost Widow's lacky, in the form of the ability to imitate some of Ghost Widow's soul magic. Rosa typically uses this power to call upon soul tentacles to make sure her enemies can't flee, but she has also been known to attack at long distances with Ghost Widow's dark power.

Most mysterious of Rosa's powers is her resistance to death. To this date, Rosa has physically died on at least eight occasions, but she never stays dead for long. While it is generally assumed that Rosa Kreuz herself understands the reason for this, she hasn't revealed any information about it to anyone, not even Ghost Widow. The Alteridem Foundation's resident expert in arcane matters, Chihiro-san, believes that Rosa's repeated resurrections are magical in nature, but has been unable to determine any other details. The Foundation is primarily concerned with making Rosa's power to escape death stop working, so that they can kill her for good.

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